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Rita Mercier
x Rodney Elliott
Edward J. Kennedy
Danny Rourke
Jim Milinazzo
William Samaras
Corey Belanger
    Bill Martin
    John Leahy  

Subcommittee Appointments

City Commissions
    Arts & Culture: Milinazzo (chair), Leahy and Rita Mercier  
    Auditor & Clerk Oversight: Kennedy (chair), Rourke, Samaras  
    Economic Development: Belanger (chair), Kennedy, Martin, Rourke  
    Education Partnerships: Samaras (chair), Kennedy, Mercier  
    Environment: Leahy (chair), Martin, Milinazzo  
    Finance: Elliott (chair), Kennedy, Martin  
    Flood Issues: Rourke (chair), Belanger, Mercier  
    Housing: Martin (chair), Leahy, Milinazzo  
    Muni Facilities: Mercier (chair), Belanger, Rourke  
    Neighborhoods: Leahy (chair), Mercier, Samaras  
    Parks & Rec: Mercier (chair), Leahy, Rourke  
    Personnel: Belanger (chair), Kennedy, Samaras  
    Public Safety: Rourke (chair), Mercier, Belanger  
    Rules: Kennedy (chair), Martin, Belanger  
    Technology & Finance: Martin (chair), Milinazzo, Samaras  
    Transportation: Milinazzo (chair), Martin, Leahy  
    Youth Services: Samaras (chair), Mercier, Rourke  
    Zoning: Milinazzo (chair), Kennedy, Belanger  
    ad-hoc subcommittee to study downtown economic development issues; particularly the assessment of potential high school locations: City Councilors Mayor Elliott, Belanger, Mercier, Rourke, and, School Committee members Gendron, Leary, Ross-Sticawich  

2014 - 2015 Lowell School Committee

Kim Scott
David Conway
Connie Martin
Jim Leary
Kristin Ross-Sitcawich
Steven Gendron


Sept. 9, 2014: Primary Election
Nov 4, 2014: General  Election
September, 2013: There are 55,708 registered voters in the City of Lowell.
Source: Lowell Sun (General Election Results)
October 17, 2012: There were officially 54,683 registered voters in the City of Lowell. 27,551 unenrolled, 21,926 Democrats & 4,816 Republicans
Source: MA Secretary of State
August 29, 2011: There were officially 53,163 registered voters in the City of Lowell. Last City election 18% turned out to vote. 39% at the last Federal election. Source: Gail Cenik of the Lowell Election Dept.
June 12, 2011 Boston Globe
Shake-up at the polls; Cambodian voters are making themselves heard in Lowell


The Cambodian Voters of Lowell by Richard Howe Jr.
7038 of the city's 54,955 have Cambodian or South East Asian surnames. That's 13%.
Understanding Lowell's Wards & Precincts by Richard Howe Jr.

Cambodia Town of Lowell by Sengly Kong, PhD, Cambodia Town Committee Chair

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