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 FEDERAL Reps The Lowell Plan  
  Lowell Election Central (  
link Bike Lanes and Sharrows Program  
  Pollard Memorial Library WiFi
  Lowell Senior Center, 276 Broadway St. WiFi
  Office of Cultural Affairs & Special Events (CASE)
Cultural Organization of Lowell (COOL)
  Greater Lowell Workforce Investment Board  
TOP Lowell Hunger and Homeless Commission  
  Animal Protection  
  Lowell Humane Society  
  Lowell Schools Directory - Public & Private (general info)


Lowell School Committee  
  Lowell High School  
  Greater Lowell Regional Technical High School


Lowell Public Schools MAP
  Local Community Charter Public School (grades k-8) 978-323-0800, 206 Jackson St.
  Lowell Collegiate Charter School (k-5) 978-458-1399, 25 Fr. Sarantos Way
  Lowell Middlesex Academy Charter School (MCC) 978-656-3165, Middle St.
  Family Resource Center 43 Highland St., Lowell, MA 01852
(978) 674-4321
  Abisi Adult Education Center 978-937-8989, 408 Merrimack St.


  Lowell Catholic High School, Stevens St.
  Hellenic American Academy (grades pre-k to 8) 978-453-5422, 41 Broadway St.
  Franco American School (grades k-8) 978-458-0308, 357 Pawtucket St.
  Saint Jean D'Arc School (grades k-8)
pre-k class available
978-453-4114, 68 Dracut St.
  Immaculate Conception School (grades pre-k to 8)
pre-k class available
978-454-5339, 218 E. Merrimack St.
  Saint Louis School (grades pre-k to 8)
pre-k program available
978-458-7594, 77 Boisvert St.
  Saint Michael's School (grades k-8)
pre-k class available
978-453-9511, 21 Sixth St.
  Saint Patrick School (grades k-8)
Financial Aid Available
978-458-4232, 311 Adams St.
  Saint Margaret School (grades k-8)
This entry is in memory of Phil Riley
978-453-8491, 486 Stevens St.
  Lowell Day Nursery 119 Hall St.


TOP Lowell Neighborhood Groups  
  Neighborhood Planner for the City Yovani Biaz, 978-446-7200, x1473
  Neighborhood Group Coordinator Mike Demaras, 978-674-4030
  Citywide Neighborhood Council Ann Marie Page, pres.; Deb Forgione, vp; Nancy Judge, treasurer; Kathleen Marcin, secretary.
  Lowell Downtown Neighborhood Association BLOG,
Co-chairs Corey Sciuto & Sue Purdy
  JAMbra (Jackson, Appleton, Middlesex) Michael Breda, President,
"ComeToLowell" Facebook Site Acre Coalition to Improve Our Neighborhood David Ouellette,
"ComeToLowell" Facebook Site Centralville Neighborhood Action Group George Procope,
  Back Central Neighborhood Assoc. Hotline, 978-970-3841
  Friends of Tyler Park Jay Mason, jayrmason@comcast.netz
Denise Cognac,  
     Summer Concert Series Denise Torpey,
  Highlands Neighborhood Circle Nancy Judge,, 978-453-8609
"ComeToLowell" Facebook Site Lower Highlands Neighborhood Assoc., MAP Andrew Hostetler & Vladimir Saldana

FINAL MIT Lower Highlands Neighborhood Plan

  Cambodian Mutual Assistance Association 978-454-6200
"ComeToLowell" Facebook Site Pawtucketville Citizens Council Deb Forgione,
  East Pawtucketville Neighborhood Association Pawtucketville Social Club
Steve Brogan and Paul Belley
  Belvidere Neighborhood Group Stephen Hattan,


Riverside Community Council and
Sacred Heart Neighborhood Group
contact Elain Pantano, 978-458-6572,
or Carol McCarthy, 978-454-5738 for info
  Friends of Rogers Fort Hill Park
  The Friends of the Forest Lynnda Igancio, 978-458-0542
TOP The Lowell Plan  
  Lowell Development and Financial Corp.  
  Northern Middlesex Council of Governments  
   link Public Matters: Lowell's Emerging Leaders


  STATE Representatives  


Governor Charlie Baker  


Sen. Eileen Donoghue INFO, Committees
  Rep. Tom Golden INFO
  Rep. David Nangle INFO
  Rep. Rady Mom  
  FEDERAL Representatives  


Congresswoman Niki Tsongas INFO
  Congressman Seth Moulton  
  Senator Elizabeth Warren INFO
  Northern Middlesex Council of Governments Jay Donovan, Asst. Dir., 978-454-8021, x16
  Middlesex North Registry of Deeds, BLOG
    Richard Howe Jr's Blog


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